I woke up from a nap feeling very groggy and lethargic, nauseous and dizzy.

I’ve been dieting, and yesterday, this little app I had downloaded told me that I didn’t eat enough calories. I’m really not starving myself.. I’m just not finding myself as hungry as usual - not half as much.

The peak of my happiness is when I feel a new depth of warmth beneath your arms.

Justin might be the cutest sleeper in the history of ever.

Anonymous asked: What are your options for your first dance song omg?! Sorry if this is too personal but I love hearing these kinds of things idk I'm weird. xx

God, I think Wonderwall is our number one choice.

But I also love Ed Sheeran’s Kiss Me.

And a million others. I’m going to compile a huge list, one of these days, and I’ll post it. c:

Picking out a “first dance” song for my wedding is so difficult.. hmph.

i miss bright eyes and the icarus account an right away, great captain, and every other band that used to make me cry

but i’m happy now so i can’t even enjoy them half as much as i used to